Love yourself and fuck the rest

Hi i'm Nicole

Dear everyone,

Well I guess I should start this by apologizing to you all. I had no right to say some of the things I said. Or even making my blog about Hitler. I guess I never really realized how badly it can affect some people. My intention was to never hurt any of you, I was simply joking around. I took it to far, I know & I’m sorry for that. 

I’m a hypocrite  

I dislike when people make jokes about me being fat or ugly. Most of the time it may come across as if it doesn’t affect me, but it does. I know what it’s like to be told awful things, and it was not right of me to say some of the things I said. 

Even though I did, I still don’t think you should be judging me as harshly as you are. Yes I said rude things, but you don’t know anything about me or my life. You don’t have the right to call me an attention whore, a ignorant cunt, etc. I’m sure all of you at one point or anything have fucked up, made a mistake. Maybe I took it to far, but I’m taking responsibility for my actions. 

Yeah well this is my time in life where I fucked up.

I’m sorry, shit happens, life goes on. 

End of story.

2 years ago | 10:10pm
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